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We understand the needs & footing requirements of the Kiwi horse & rider. We use a unique blend & formulation of polyester

geotextile & moisture absorbent fibres. Read more about Surefoot by downloading the document below.

Building and Arena?

We can advise you in all aspects of your arena - from concept to completion. 


Want the best?

We put a lot of time and money into our horses so why not give them the best chance and go with the best footing.  

Need to upgrade?

A 6 year old Surefoot Arena Surface. Still performing while ensuring the best protection for your equine athletes.

Our range of synthetic Equestrian Surfaces have been carefully developed combining over 30 years experience in the equestrian industry with the latest innovations in synthetic fibre development. In addition, we are constantly striving to ensure we can be competitive on price whilst still retaining the excellence necessary to provide a world class surface.
Surefoot Arenas NZ supply and manufacture all weather fully synthetic fibre blends for riding surfaces to suit all disciplines.  Our range of Arena surfaces are developed meticulously, under controlled conditions enabling us to achieve the same consistency of product every time. Whether the Arena surface is for Dressage, Show Jumping, Polo, Western riding, or any other discipline, we have a surface to suit.
We are able to offer a supply only option for clients who are undertaking the works themselves, or we can assist and advise with installation.  Surefoot Arenas NZ fully understand what is required to ensure the perfect footing for our clients. Our surfaces are manufactured to cover all disciplines, we can develop a fibre mix to suit your exact needs.

Over the decades and many years of research and trials we have developed a brand that is what we believe has  been lacking here in New Zealand.

Having a good balanced, 'firm but giving' surface to absorb shock through the hoof and into the ligaments and joints is really important.  It must move where it needs to and absorb shock when needing to also.  A footing with no give will cause strains on the ligaments and lead to lameness, a footing that shifts to much will again cause injuries and overtime would likely waver a horses confidence to perform, if not start to build up to some permanent soft tissue damage through the lower limbs.  We put a lot of time and money into our horses so why not give them the best chance and go with the best footing.

This image shows Surefoot Arena Footing after 6 years.
Whether you are thinking of building a brand new arena or simply improving an existing sand arena, contact us today to ensure you have the best possible surface for you and your horses.

I personally love the fibre, as;
1. It's the modern footing of today used worldwide.
2. It's easily maintained.
3. Less wear and tear on your horses.

Endorsement by Helen McNaught of

Outwoods Farm - winner of the 2016 Horse of the Year Bostock Olympic Cup.


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