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Goldengroves' genetics stack up with the best in the world! 
Proven Sires, top performing progeny and a commitment to assisting owners to breed  world class horses for New Zealand riders.

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Beginning in Wales with Paul's grandfather and surviving (so far) three generations.  Paul Ffoulkes has a highly astute ability for assessing pedigrees and bloodlines.   Goldengroves' genetics stack up with the best in the world!   This is because Paul and Pip not only purchase Top Performing Approved Stallions - but also stallions with progeny that are showing all the desirable attributes of a Pre-Potent Pedigree.  While fashions and trends often distract amatuer breeders, the Ffoulkes family history is a commitment to the longterm success of the sporthorse industry.  Retaining essential blood necessary to ensure a New Zealand Performance horse is capable of competing on a world stage, now and for future generations.

This is our commitment to New Zealand Sporthorse Breeding.

During this time Goldengrove analyse alot of information to calculate the potential success rate in the genetics.  It is also necessary to follow  progeny while they are developing and coping with the demands of their chosen discipline or if they become breeding stock themselves.  While this information all takes time to coordinate and become useful, it is important that it is measured to ensure the stallions we select produce; sound, correct, trainable, careful and typey progeny.   Pauls' approach to breeding, often times means he is importing stallions at the end of their professional careers.  This provides transparency for our breeders in that the performance records are available - it also affords breeders confidence when adding 'blood' back into their breeding programmes. 



Goldengrove can offer outstanding bloodlines from top European mares. Or embryo transfers from your own mares.  This is a highly skilled service that Goldengrove have specialised in while working with the best international fertility experts.  If you would like your embryo fertilised with a stallion from Goldengroves Roster, we can help with your decision.


Darfield, Canterbury New Zealand.

P:   03 318 7337

C:   021 919 262   E:

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