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WAITEMATA WAS EPIC!! Lansing son wins the World Cup Class and take the Series Title!

Great two shows for Goldengrove Studfarm Stallions this weekend in Ashburton - and Waitemata was epic!!! Massive congratulations go to Katie Laurie and Sheena Ross with Casebrooke Lomond (Lansing) 1st place in the World Cup class and Series Winners!!! Casebrooke Lomond is only 8 years old and this was his first season at this level, having been produced slowly for a potential international career. Magnificient result.

Mathew Dickey And Quango (Quantum) took out 3rd alongside Katie, a massive achievement again!! Capitano GNZ (Casall) and Kate Hewlett had a huge weekend with winning the Pro Am and the 1.25m champion. Lafayette CSNZ (Lansing) - and Tors Rattray grabbed 6th place in this as well. Tors also had a 7th place in the 1.25m with this super chestnut mare. Luego GNZ (Littorio) won the 1.30m on Friday well done Katie and the Cookson family.

Ashburton ESNZ show was a cracker! Rose Alfeld and the ever so consistent My Super Nova (Corlando) won the GP.

Anna Goodworth and Goldenmile (Corlando) took the 1.20m class.

Goldengrove has a selection of top quality young stock for sale.

Multiple placings galore sorry if we have missed anybody.

Katie Laurie Waitemata

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